We are glad to announce multiple projects in the year 2020, we have been suffering in planning and production due to Covid19 pandemic, however, we shall continue with the hope to fight Coronavirus and make sure we all stay safe. Health or our family and at work is our priority. We have planned and schedule our projects keeping the security of every person involved in film projects. we aim to entertain millions of world audiences at large through multiple film projects in India and Canada.

As we learn how the current situation is floating, we are exploring OTT and other digital platforms side by side to reach out to millions of internet users and movie lovers. We wish our story-telling techniques and excellent promotion will create visual magic from smart TVs to smartphones.

Currently Shooting in India

We will begin our second shoot of the year with an Indian mythology based suspense thriller named Tallika. The story is written and directed by Mitali Jani. Parallelly, we are developing another interesting story on the past of well-earned man. Stories we picked are away from modern world and its cruelty. We want to lift your mood by opening a window of another world where predictions do not always work. We have shortlisted Gujarat’s “A” listed actors and few fresh faces for multiple roles, however, our lead actors are very well-known in the community. The series will also have three songs unwrapping the mood. Story treatment including dialogues is written by Ahmedabad’s known writers and co-produced with the help of experienced line producers who have immense knowledge of film-making. We are glad to offer this story to prime OTT platforms and renowned TV channels for a world television premiere. Through this project, we will be showcasing Indian culture on international platforms.

Up-coming Canadian projects

Our Canadian media house is planning a feature film on suspense story based on true events along with a short film involving gender equality and mental depression issues. We invite you to come on board, enjoy the journey of success and offer your products and services to millions though films and series of entertainment we produce.

Are you ready to promote your business D2D around the world through us?

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*We do not charge or ask for cash payment or online payment through phone, text messages links or emails. Kindly, avoid scams and report to your local authority if you receive an email with such context.

Published by mitalijani

Experienced Creative Head with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Highly skilled in Audio-video productions, Communication, Event management, Presentation skills, Corporate Communications and market research. Strong content development professional with a diploma focused in Cinematography and graduate in computers with multimedia majors from well-known institution in Canada and India. Currently liaisoning with various films and media for productions and distribution. I love to blog, vlog and capturing nature on my DSLR. Occasionally I write for other bloggers, educate my fans and share some of my skills on social media for the better.

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