We dream big because we want to live big. Our thoughts, our knowledge and our prayers have no boundaries. We are millennials, wanting to expand as much as the universe. Let us create memories by creating stories and sharing our passion of filmmaking on a reel for generations to endure. It is important to acknowledge and establish an environment of healthy living and pure thoughts, let us make one by making films, videos and documentaries that tells tales uniquely.

Bookmark our site to find out what we do and how we convert a script into enterprising ambitions .

We love to team up with international film crew, film producers and Directors, boundaries no matter when you are in artistic world. We will work together to find resources, funds and platforms to produce, publish and distribute your dream film. All creators will sign mutual agreements in order to start building a strong tie. We want to make sure, your efforts are churned and our products and services are being paid. Our vision is to tell stories to the mass.

We are blessed with Canadian Media fund and other government initiatives who constantly help and support creators and media productions of any size, any race and any language. All you have to be is unique and relatable. Contact us to find out more!

Good Luck, filmmakers!

Published by mitalijani

Experienced Creative Head with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Highly skilled in Audio-video productions, Communication, Event management, Presentation skills, Corporate Communications and market research. Strong content development professional with a diploma focused in Cinematography and graduate in computers with multimedia majors from well-known institution in Canada and India. Currently liaisoning with various films and media for productions and distribution. I love to blog, vlog and capturing nature on my DSLR. Occasionally I write for other bloggers, educate my fans and share some of my skills on social media for the better.

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